Quickfit’s Favourite Blue (And Green) Curtains

19th Jul 2016

Bright, bold, and beautiful people, you’re in the right spot to find curtains online that match your personality. From dark blues to light greens, solid colours to funky patterns, Quickfit is happy to share that there is an incredible selection of blue and green curtains available online.

You’re joining us in the midst of our Curtains in Nearly Every Colour blog series, a series which depicts our favourite styles of curtains in each colour and how we love to decorate with these panels.

Today’s post is reserved for our blues and our greens, some of our absolute favourites. Let’s get started.

Blue And Green Curtains

Solid, Classic Styles

WESTWOOD Kids Blockout Eyelet Curtain ($14)

Blue is the new black! Blue is now considered a neutral colour for decorating, making it a great curtain choice for both your son’s or daughter’s room. These blockout curtains will help your kiddo get some much needed shut eye during the day because, as the name suggests, it blocks out the light. The navy blue colour is a rich take on the traditional black neutral.

CANTINA Thermal Pinch Pleat Curtains Modern Leaf Jacquard ($55)

These green thermal curtains are our favourite adult version of the kids curtain shown above. The thicker curtain material helps keep out the light while it insulates the window, giving the room less of a draft. The green colour is a lovely shade, not too bold nor too bland, allowing it to match with nearly any other room decor.

Chic, Funky Patterns

Linda Eyelet Curtain Panel ($20.96)

The Linda pattern is exquisite! Isn’t it? The bold pattern is created using a light blue or green - your choice. This patterned curtain panel is a modern pop of colour that will look great in a room with darker coloured solid walls. We love the idea of painting the walls the darker shade of the curtain colour you choose. If you want to take your decor to the next level, you can create three walls in the room with the darker colour and one wall as an accent colour that directly matches the colour on the curtain panel.

There are so many ways one can decorate using green and blue curtains.

If you thought you wanted these lovely colours but are interested in something else, you can shop for all coloured curtains online to make your choice easier. Enjoy!