Quickfit’s Favourite Grey Curtains

18th Jul 2016

The Curtains In Nearly Every Colour blog series continues today as we highlight our favourite grey curtains available in our online store. Shopping for curtains online is easier when there are a few style tips, so today, we’re sharing our favourite grey curtain styles and how we would best decorate a home using these curtain panels.

One of our favourite shopping features is the ability to sort curtains by colour to find the exact right panel you’re looking for. Shop for curtains in any colour, or keep reading to learn all about our favourite grey curtains.

Classy And Chic Grey Curtains

Texas Two Colour Eyelet Curtain Blockout Panel ($35.95)

These beautifully modern grey panels shown here are blockout panels, giving you the necessary privacy from neighbors and sunlight. Moreover, these are great curtains for people who want a neutral look but a pop of colour, too. The bold block line of colour is the trending style right now!

BRISTOL Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains Grey ($49.95)

The sheer look of these elegant pinch pleat curtains have an opposite effect with sunlight than the blockout curtains shown above. The sun can shine into the room, but the neighbors will still be kept at bay. The longer curtain look is another trending style, drawing the eye toward the bottom of the window.

How To Decorate With Grey Curtains

Grey curtains are a simple colour that can be considered a more bold choice while still remaining neutral. Whether you’d like to pair with a bold colour or a light neutral wall colour, grey curtains can match nearly any style of room and other decor. They can be elegant and classic or fun and chic. They’re a very versatile decoration.

Add grey curtains to your home by shopping for curtains online with Quickfit. Every purchase has a flat $9.95 shipping rate.