Quickfit’s Favourite Neutral Curtains Online

13th Jul 2016

The style of curtains in your home or business can tell a lot about you. Depending on your reason for hanging curtains, you may be the type who thrives with more natural sunlight or the exact opposite, the person who melts in the sunlight and prefers darkness. No matter what style of curtain you choose, you can still match your window treatments with the rest of your room decor. By shopping for curtains by colour online with Quickfit, you can find the perfect style in your desired colour.

Today, we continue our blog series about Curtains In Nearly Every Colour and feature our collection of neutral coloured curtains.

Why To Use Neutral Curtains

Neutral colours are a nice, subtle selection for a home that desires warmth. Whether you choose sheer or blockout style curtains, the neutral colours match nearly any current room decor. From ivory to latte and bone, there are different shades of lightly coloured, neutral curtain panels to add to your home at affordable prices.

Our Favourite Neutral Coloured Curtains

TEXAS Fire Retardant Blockout Pinch Pleat in Oyster ($59 per panel)

This type of curtain is both stylish and effective in home protection. Curtains are typically very flammable, but this style is protected with a special coating that prevents it from immediately bursting into flames. Plus, the oyster colour adds a lovely touch of colour to the neutral wall displayed. It is more expensive because of the fire retardant technology. Your family’s safety is worth the added cost.

TEXAS Two Colour Eyelet Curtain ($35.95)

This beautiful curtain depicts a person who just couldn’t decide which neutral coloured curtain to select. The two tone colour block allows homeowners to decorate with a sense of new-age style while keeping true to the simple, neutral colours.

Stay tuned to our next blog in this series: Quickfit’s Favourite Pink Curtains.