Quickfit's Favourite Pink Curtains Online

14th Jul 2016

Do you have a bright personality that desires to decorate in the same way? If this is you (or you know someone who just loves the colour pink), then you’ll love this collection of pink curtains online.

Currently, we are in the midst of an epic blog series featuring all of the different colours of curtains we sell online. Not super interested in adding a pop of pink flare to your home? Check out our other blog posts to learn about our different coloured curtains online.

Pink Curtains Are Perfect

The pink coloured curtains at Quickfit are nothing like the ordinary. Pink curtains are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and neutrally painted rooms in the home. As your bold pop of colour, it is best to decorate a room with pale colours by adding the pink curtain. Moreover, the shower curtain we have in stock has beautiful pink flowers.

Some Of Our Favourite Pink Curtains

Linda Eyelet Pink Curtain Panel ($20.96 per panel)

This funky pattern will look dashing in any room where it is thoughtfully placed. Take care to match the other accessories in the room to this bold pink, but don’t take it overboard or you may find yourself thinking you live in a room full of cotton candy. We love this fun pattern and the personalities that come with it!

WESTWOOD Blockout Eyelet Curtains - Pink ($49.00 per panel)

This is one of our more simple pink curtains online. The plain colour features a chunky, textured fabric that is a more subtle addition to the room. As previously mentioned, the pink curtains pop brilliantly in a room painted with neutral colours. This will be a great window treatment for any window in the home.

Enjoy our collection of pink curtains online.

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