Quickfit’s Favourite Purple Curtains Online

15th Jul 2016

Purple was known as the colour of royalty for many years because of how difficult and, therefore, expensive it was to dye fabric this beautiful colour. Purple, notably different than violet, was created by grinding manganese and hematite and mixing it with fat to create a paint-like substance. Since this process of creating purple started nearly 3,000 years ago, one can imagine that creating purple is no longer that difficult. Through the years, technology has advanced enough to allow us to create purple curtains and sell them online to all of our friends, family, and community who dream of an exquisite purple look in their homes or businesses. The good news is our purple curtains are no more expensive than any other colour - just take a look for yourself.

You’re joining Quickfit in the midst of our coloured curtains blog series. In an effort to make shopping for curtains online as easy as possible, we’re detailing all of the different colours of curtains available in our store and sharing how to best decorate your space using these curtains.

Without further ado, the long awaited information about styling with purple curtains.

Beautiful Purple Curtains

Purple can be classy, elegant, romantic, fun, spunky, or chic. With many different shades of purple curtains for your choice, one really can’t go wrong choosing a purple style.

ORGANZA Sheer Voile Rod Pocket Curtain ($9.95 per panel)

This sheer lavender purple curtain takes on the fun, spunky, and chic decor by pairing the zebra printed chair. The sheer curtain allows in plenty of sunlight while adding a pop of colour.

WAVE Thermal Eyelet Curtain Panel ($28.95 per panel)

Compared to the sheer curtain, this thermal panel blocks out all sunshine when closed, giving the room a dark look and cozy feel. The pattern adds an elegant touch, and the grape colour of purple is a more classic take on the romantic and age-old colour.

How To Decorate With Purple Curtains

As seen in the above images, decorating with purple works best against a lightly coloured neutral background, such as cream, tan, or a light shade of another colour. If you’d like to be more bold in your styling, purple curtains tend to pair well with a few other bright and bold colours. Red and blue are used to make purple, so you can’t go wrong decorating using those partners; yellow is the complementary colour to purple, so a bold statement full of perfectly clashing colours can also do the trick.

Enjoy decorating with purple curtains found online with Quickfit. We’re happy to help provide more assistance regarding our purple curtains or decorating ideas.