Quickfit’s Favourite Red Curtains

21st Jul 2016

The red curtains online at Quickfit are for the bold spirits who love a pop of colour.

Today, we continue our blog series about each of the differently coloured curtain panels available at Quickfit Blinds and Curtains. Not exactly into decorating with red curtains? Check out the rest of our series to learn how you can shop for curtains of nearly any colour.

If you are in the right place, though, you’ll be happy to see what we have in store for you today.

Keep reading to see a few of our favourite red curtain choices and to learn how we would decorate a space using red curtains.

Favourite Red Curtain Panels

A funky pattern or a solid look? You do not have to choose one or the other with Quickfit because we love both.

Arizona Blockout Eyelet Curtain ($25)

The blockout curtain in this vibrant red is good for two purposes. Blockout curtains look exquisite and keep sun out of the room when the curtains are closed. These are great for home theatres or kids’ rooms.

Red Damask Shower Curtain Set ($15.95)

This one is less traditional than the other colour option, but if you love the colour red and want to incorporate it anywhere in the house, then the bathroom shower curtain is a great place to continue. The funky pattern is just as fun as it looks. Plus, this curtain comes with the shower hooks, so you’ll be ready to hang it so long as you have the curtain rod.

Our Decor Recommendations For Red Curtains

Using red curtains in the home can be bright and beautiful. Red is a romantic, powerful colour. It can pair nicely with any neutral wall colour, or if you’re not afraid of evoking more emotion in the room, pair it with darker colours such as plum, forest green, or navy.

Get your red curtains online today with Quickfit’s easy shopping selection to start decorating your home right away.