Quickfit’s Favourite White Curtains

22nd Jul 2016

White curtains are elegant, classic, and modern, all in one sweepingly beautiful curtain panel. The white curtains available online at Quickfit are both aesthetically pleasing and purposefully functional.

You’re joining our audience in the middle of a 10-part blog series detailing each of our favourite curtains by colour. White, however, is one of our absolute favourites of all of the colours. Let’s find out why.

How To Best Decorate With White Curtain Panels

White curtain panels are available in both sheer and blockout styles, but our favourites are sheer, so that’s what we’re talking about today. White is a delicate colour and looks great when the sunlight shines through the window panels. The white is definitely a neutral, so you can pair it with any other style of decor in the house. Whether you like to keep it simple with lightly coloured walls or would like to leave yourself freedom to mix in other colours or patterns throughout the whole room, white curtains provide a strong, subtle focal foundation for the room’s overall look.

White Curtain Favourites

BRISTOL Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains ($44.95)

These pinch pleat sheers add a good dimension of fabric to the window covering through the pinch pleat style but are sheer enough that the sunlight can shine through into the room. Don’t fret: the fabric is thick enough to provide a bit of private coverage from the neighbours - not full coverage, though, so take care.

LEAF Premium Sheer Eyelet ($29)

The sheers pictured here have a secret detail to the panel. Do you see the beautiful leaf pattern on the simple eyelet style? It’ll increase the class level of your window decor instantly - and these panels are only $25 each when you shop online! What a deal.