Simple Textiles Complement The Home

25th Oct 2016

A simple look in the home is a good way to decorate once and stay in style for ages. That is the beauty of choosing simplicity; it never goes out of style. Today, our design experts at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains are gathering a few of their favourite pieces to help you achieve the perfect, simple look in your home. The best part is we offer affordable window coverings, so you do not have to spend a fortune to decorate your home.

Home is where the heart is. For many, the home is a place of comfort and safety, which are two simple things in life. There is no point in making things more complicated when less will suffice. To help complement the comfortable and safe feel of a home, we recommend choosing neutral colours that will stay in style for decades, and using both curtains and blinds to achieve privacy and maintain safety.

Blockout curtains, traditionally paneled curtains, and sheer curtains come in all colours and header styles at Quickfit. With the option to buy one panel at a time, homeowners can choose different curtains for different rooms, or order in bulk to save on costs. Warm browns and cool grays are complementing colours to a comfortable decor. Quickfit also offers custom made curtains so the panels can fit exactly right to help make the room look complete.

Roller blinds are an efficient and easy window covering. All roller blinds can be cut to fit your window frame exactly, which means privacy will be secure. The quick access to raise and lower the blind means sunlight can be filtered in or blocked out of the room as needed.

Altogether, Quickfit offers curtain and blind selections online for affordable prices to help you keep it simple when you decorate.

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