SunScreens Allow Windows To Be The Light Source

26th Oct 2016

SunScreens are a popular choice from our online blinds collection here at Quickfit. They are affordable, simply styled, and efficient, making SunScreens a great choice for window coverings in the home or at the office.

SunScreens come in black, white, ivory, charcoal, and grey, which are not too many options, but since all colours are neutral, they can be combined with other styles to create a unique look.

What Makes the SunScreen Unique?

Unlike traditional roller blinds, which are blockout, SunScreen blinds allow light to filter through the covering to bring natural light into the room. There are many small pieces of fabric woven together to create a SunScreen. It does an exquisite job of protecting privacy because folks outside cannot see through the window when the blind is down, but the light is able to filter through the woven pattern.

As a roller blind, SunScreens are easy to hang, decorate, and use day-to-day. The SunScreen can hang either on the inside of the window frame or the outside, and it comes with a chain mechanism to raise or lower the height of the blind. This is where the name roller blind originates, because the chain rolls the blind to the top to keep it out of the way.

When you have to be inside all day, a SunScreen can be a great way to get a dose of sunshine. The screen-type blind allows the sunlight to filter into the room and act as a light source. If you live or work in a particularly sunny area, the SunScreen can be a filter of the sunlight so it does not glare or burn your eyes all day.

We love the SunScreen selection of roller blinds online and are happy to help you through the ordering process.