SURVEY SAYS: Blinds Are Still In Style

4th Jan 2017

More than 100 people were surveyed about blinds, curtains, their favourites, and how they decorate windows in their homes. Do you shop online for blinds and curtains? Do you have some of these questions, too? Take the survey to see how your answers compare with the rest!

At the time of reporting (4 January 2017), these are the results of our survey.

How much do you know about curtains and blinds? In your opinion…

Which length of curtains is best?

The most popular answer, with 48 percent, is curtains should hang below the window sill. 

Other answers:

  • Hanging directly at the window sill - 29 percent
  • Hanging above the window sill - 15 percent
  • Other - 8 percent

Where should curtains start?

The most popular answer, with 72 percent, is curtains should start above the window frame. 

Other answers:

  • At the top edge of the window frame - 25 percent
  • Below the window frame - 2 percent
  • Other - 1 percent

Where are curtains supposed to fall?

The most popular answer, with 66 percent, is curtains are supposed to fall straight, directly to the desired length. 

Other answers:

  • All the way to the floor - 30 percent
  • Other - 4 percent

Are curtains better than blinds?

The most popular answer squeezed by with narrow margins. 42 percent said curtains are better than blinds. 

Other answers:

  • No - 41 percent
  • Other - 17 percent

Are blinds better than curtains?

Not as close as the previous question, the 60 percent majority believes blinds are not better than curtains. 

Other answers:

  • Yes - 25 percent
  • Other - 15 percent

Are blinds still in style?

Overwhelmingly, 81 percent of the public said blinds are still in style. Other answers:

  • No - 14 percent
  • Other - 5 percent

Which do you have hanging in your home?

The most popular answer, with 44 percent, said they have curtains and blinds hanging in their home together on one window. 

Other answers:

  • Blinds only - 20 percent
  • Curtains and blinds, separate on different windows - 18 percent
  • Curtains only - 16 percent
  • Other - 3 percent
  • Neither curtains nor blinds; open windows are the best! - 0 percent

Last but not least…

63 percent of the public is on #TeamCurtains, while the remaining 37 percent elect #TeamBlinds for victory.

How do your answers compare?

Now that the results are published, we encourage you to match the budding 2017 trends to find yourselves some nice blinds and curtains. You can shop online for blinds and curtains at Quickfit for affordable prices, fast delivery, and top quality customer service. We are located in Victoria and proudly ship nationally to all of our family, friends, and customers in Australia.