The Secrets Of Colour And Home Decoration

1st Apr 2016

Using Colour In Your Home Decor

The power of colour is no secret amongst those who love interior design and are always looking for new home decoration ideas. Not only has colour proved to have a substantial effect on mood, but it also reflects your style and personality, too. When you use the power of colour to your advantage, you can create a beautiful room without being a professional interior designer. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at using colour with style.

Get Inspired By Trends In Home Decorating Magazines

Home decor magazines and websites are a wonderful place to start when looking for colour inspiration. While you obviously want your home to reflect your personality, it’s also important to remember current colour trends. Oranges, browns, and other warm colours are coming back in style. Blacks, greys, and other darker, neutral tones are also popular, as well as jewel tones like navy, teal, and green.

Adding Colour To Your Existing Home

It’s very possible that you’re ready to make some big changes but some colour schemes are already established by the furniture in your home. You can easily make this work by pulling your new colours from the existing colours and patterns in your upholstery or rugs.

Try Going A Little Bold With Your Home Decor

Even if it’s just a little, adding a couple of vivid shades of colour to a mostly neutral room will keep things interesting and liven up the entire room. For example, if you have a space that’s mostly whites and tans, consider adding life to the room with bursts of colour in the form of pillows, throws, and decorative accents.

Colour Is More Than Just Paint

While painting is probably the fastest and least expensive way to change up the look and feel of your space, it isn’t the only way. Adding accessories, candle holders, throw cushions, lampshades, picture frames, and other home decor items with pops of colour can be a key part of your overall colour scheme.

Look To Your Wardrobe For Inspiration

A new trend in selecting the right colour scheme for your space is looking to your wardrobe. We’re all naturally attracted to different colours that we like and find flattering. You might be surprised at the personality trends and preferences that you can find in your closet. Consider decorating your home with these same colour schemes in mind.

Don’t Forget About Lighting With Choosing Colours

Let’s consider this nightmare: you pick out the ideal deep wine colour for your walls, go through the long process of painting your room, and then you find out that when you open your curtains, the colour looks like a bright purple in natural lighting. You want to avoid this situation, right? Make sure that you look at your colour picks in all different types of lighting (day and night) so that there are no surprises. It’s also important to remember that colours can appear totally different depending on whether they’re in artificial light or natural light.

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