The Various Materials Available When Purchasing Curtains Online

7th Jan 2016

There is much more to a curtain than meets the eye. It’s not quite as simple as picking some fabric from the local store and tacking it above your window. There’s accurate sizes, stylish colours, curtain style, headers, and proper fabrics. Quickfit strives to do much of the hard work for you so you only have to worry about the style and size. We have many ready-made curtains available, or you can create your own custom curtains online.

Today’s blog is focusing on the different curtain materials available when you select to create your own. Quickfit promises to create and deliver all custom made curtains within ten days of purchase.


A fabric with a subtle leaf pattern that blocks 50% of light.


A natural fabric for a classic look that is light and simple.


A textured fabric with beautiful stitching that also blocks out the light and controls temperature.


A faux silk curtain adds a modern touch of elegance.


A fabric that blocks all light while preserving energy, Westwood is a chunky, textured fabric that comes in a variety of colours.


A traditional curtain with beautiful scroll stitching is a simple way to add blockout curtains to any room.

To learn more about the different types of curtain fabrics or to shop by fabric for ready-made curtains online, please click here. Quickfit is also featuring two fabrics that are coming soon for our curtains online: Adelaide and Toronto. Stay tuned to find the best curtains available online.