Warm up your home this winter with 4 of the Best Insulated Curtains

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting down on a cold winters day, perhaps in front of a fire, on a sofa or just lazing on the floor. But then again, nothing is worse than a cold house or room. The cold cuts to the bone. 

If you dream of warming up your home this winter, then start looking for some Insulated Curtains. The bonus you get with thermal curtains is they do just that. They insulate. This means great in winter and just as good in summer.

All curtains will have some level of insulation. Even sheer curtains will insulate to some degree. A very small degree that is. If you are going to invest in some curtains, get some good ones. Basically there are two types of premium insulating curtains: ones with a white insulating coating applied to the back of the curtain (sometimes when you buy lined curtains this coating is applied to the lining rather than the curtain fabric itself) or a specially woven fabric that is known as a triple weave fabric (this fabric can be used for the curtain itself or can be used as a lining for a more decorative curtain).

Insulating curtains are not always completely light blocking. Depending on your intended use, you may prefer insulated curtains that let a small amount of light to enter the room. These ones are great for living and dining rooms when you don't need the room to be overly dark but still want to keep the room toasty and warm.

Here are 4 of the best insulating curtains at the best prices around. As always, you can find these curtains online here at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains.

ASPEN (3 layers of insulated coating applied to the back)

If you are decorating in the colour themes of 2019, then this colour range is perfect for you. A muted washed out colour range in Greys, Putty, Fawn, and Teal Blue. These curtains have a simple modern textured surface. They come as an eyelet type curtain. This means they have the chrome rings in the top, so you can easily slide them onto a rod or pole. It gets even better - they are available in 4 widths so you can cover almost any window width in your home. If you have an unusual sized drop/length you can even order this type as a custom made curtain so you can keep continuity throughout your home. So if you love Aspen and want a different style header, such as a Pinch Pleat then you can get these made to order (custom made).

Aspen Insulated Curtains Colour Putty 4 widths Quickfit Blinds and Curtains Aspen Insulated Eyelet Curtains in Teal Blue available 4 widths Quickfit Blinds and Curtains 3 Pass coated insulated curtain Aspen Mocha Quickfit Curtains

SORRENTO (3 layers of insulated coating applied to the back)

This range is perfect for the timeless decorator. The colours are stronger yet still contemporary. Ecru, Black, Charcoal, and Latte. If you lean toward a more traditional colour scheme then these colours are the ones for you. Like the Aspen range, Sorrento is also available in the eyelet type of curtain. It comes in 4 widths and is also available for custom make. The difference is simply your colour preference.

Insulated Blockout Eyelet Curtains in Ecru Sorrento Quickfit Curtains Insulated Blockout Eyelet Curtains in Black Sorrento Quickfit Curtains Charcoal Eyelet Insulated Curtains Sorrento Quickfit Blinds and Curtains Latte Sorrento Insulated Blockout Eyelet Curtains Quickfit

VILLA (3 layers of insulated coating applied to the back)

If your style is a little more glam and traditional then take a look at the Villa range. Villa looks a little like a faux silk or shantung type fabric. It has a bit of a textured sheen to it and looks very glamorous. The colour pallet is also very traditional. Ivory, Navy Blue, Taupe and Black. Whatever your style there will be a header type to suit in this collection. Like the Aspen and Sorrento, Villa is available in the eyelet style curtain and also comes in 4 widths. Better still, Villa is also available in Pinch Pleat Curtains (the type with the pleats sewn into the top) this type of pleated curtain is a modern, clean pleated style. Villa is also available in Pencil Pleat Curtains (gather curtains, the type that you pull the strings and gather them up) these are a more traditional style and allow you to buy larger sizes to get them nice and full for the opulent look. You guessed i! Villa curtains are also available as custom made curtains.

Insulated Pinch Pleat Curtains Quickfit Blinds and Curtains Faux Silk Insulated Curtains Quickfit Curtains Faux Silk Look Black Curtains Quickfit Curtains Faux Silk Look Curtains Taupe Quickfit Curtains

BOND (triple weave insulated fabric)

If simple draping style is the go-to for you, then Bond just might be the one. This fabric hangs like a dream and is machine washable to boot. No coating on this one, meaning all fabric (no liners) and easy care. The front and back of the curtain will be the same colour, making them great for room dividers or hallway curtains. This type of insulated curtain does let a small amount of light through in the lighter colours and are still great for bedrooms and home movie rooms. But if you want the room pitch black, then you better go for a 3 layered coated curtain. Having said that the Black will almost be pitch black and is a very popular choice for home theatres. Bond comes in the eyelet style of curtain in 4 widths. And the real bonus with this collection is they also come in extra long lengths or drops of 250cm making them great for the full height windows. Bond is also available in the Pinch Pleat style in both standard drop and also the extra long 250cm drop.

Triple Weave Insulated Pinch Pleat Curtains Quickfit Curtains   Charcoal grey Insulated Woven Blockout Curtains Quickfit Curtains

So as you sit now, preparing for spring, head over to our curtains selection and purchase insulated curtains online so you're prepared for next year's winter!

For a more extensive range take a look at these Blockout Curtains. Blockout Curtains tend to not only block the light but are also super when it comes to insulating your home.

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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