Washing Blockout And Triple Weave Lined Curtains

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

Cleaning the home is a routine job. It can’t be done just once and left clean forever (although that would be quite nice). We clean the floors, the counters, the clothes. We dust. We sweep. We clean the curtains. Say what? You clean the curtains? Yes! Like vacuuming the floors, cleaning the curtains in your home helps keep the air clean and the family healthy.

There are different cleaning tips for different types of curtains. The way you clean blockout curtains is not the same as the way you clean lined curtains, and these are just two types of curtains we sell online.

Triple Weave Room Darkening Curtains

This type of curtain is a thick material that keeps the light out of the room. If you’re looking for a curtain that is room-darkening and has easy care, then this is the curtain for you. All you have to do is remove the curtain from the rod, or take the hooks out of the curtain, and wash the curtain below 40 degrees with liquid detergent. Some fabrics require hand washing, and others to not let them spin in the machine longer than stated. Don’t worry - the curtains will have direct instructions for best care.

Blockout Curtains

The Blockout Foam Coated Curtains cannot be easily machine washed with soap. Instead, I would take this type of curtain to your local dry cleaner for a thorough cleanse. The foam coating keeps your home nicely insulated, and we don’t want that to get ruined by tossing it into the washing machine.

If you are very careful you can hand wash them or machine wash them in a large machine on a gentle cold cycle with very mild detergent (hardly any) and do not use fabric softener. Wash one panel at a time. Do not spin them for too long. Take them out of the machine as soon as the cycle finishes and line dry them. make sure the white foam surfaces do not touch when drying, if they do they will stick together and pull the coating off. Once dried you can iron the fabric side with steam to remove the creases.

Dust can quickly pile on all types of curtains, especially if they are always open or always closed. Take care to wash your curtains frequently, and don’t forget to hang them away from the window to ensure a long life. Blockout and lined curtains are great purchases for your home’s energy efficiency and family’s health. You can purchase triple and blockout curtains online with Quickfit.

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Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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