What Blinds Are Best For Large Windows?

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

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Large windows in a home really bring in the light. Here at Quickfit, we believe the windows are the light source of the home, and they also bring the outside in. The bigger the window, the more nature is brought into the home. These large windows are beautiful, but in some cases they can be more difficult to maintain in a home. Many large windows are quite tall, which can make it difficult for the average person to clean regularly. Moreover, they provide more space for people outside to invade privacy, which isn’t always a welcomed feature. So with the desire for more nature and light to be let inside the home but to maintain a balance of easy maintenance and secure privacy, Quickfit Blinds and Curtains recommends a few different styles of blinds that are best for large windows: SunScreen or blockout roller blinds.

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Roller Blinds Are The Best For Large Windows

As mentioned, there are two different types of roller blinds that best fit large windows. Both blinds operate with a rolling mechanism that moves one piece of fabric up and down to cover the window. The SunScreen blind is made with one piece of fabric that is stitched carefully to reveal small gaps, which allows light to filter through the blind and into the room when it the blind is down and closed. This SunScreen helps protect privacy but still allows light to filter into the room through the big windows, allowing them to still serve their purpose. Blockout blinds, on the contrary, block out 99 percent of light from entering the room when the blind is down and closed. This style is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, or home theatres, where the preference is to keep it dark at times.

Custom Sizes

One of the most popular reasons homeowners choose roller blinds to cover large windows is because they can be easily created in custom sizes, giving the windows a clean, trimmed look. At Quickfit, you can order roller blinds online that closely match your window size and make small trims to get it as close as possible. This option is recommended for standard sized windows no larger than 210 cm long.

If the large windows in your home exceed this length, we highly recommend the made-to-measure roller blinds that are created just for your window. These blinds come in varying lengths: 120 cm, 150 cm, 210 cm, 240 cm, or 270 cm. Then, you enter the width of your window frame in millimeters (max 2700), and we’ll do the rest.

Order Custom, Made-To-Measure Blinds

Multiple Colours

The roller blinds in our online collection come in a variety of neutral colours, including white, ivory, latte, grey, mocha, black, taupe, ecru, cream, and charcoal. You can order all of your custom roller blinds in one colour or choose from a variety to match each different room you decorate.

Easy To Clean

Another reason roller blinds are a great purchase for large windows is they are very easy to clean. Yes, you’ll still have to climb up to the top of the window and detach the blind from the mount, but this is only a best practice a few times a year. Otherwise, roller blinds can be spot-cleaned as needed.

Shop for roller blinds online to cover large windows and decorate your home with a simple look.

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

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