What To Do When Normal Curtains Aren’t Wide Enough

Posted by Emily Wang on 6th Apr 2023

Do you dream of big windows in your home? A bay window in the living room or a reading nook with plenty of natural sunlight sound marvelous. There are many new home designs featuring large windows because natural sunlight is a lovely addition to any room. However, they can introduce one obstacle for a homeowner who still appreciates privacy; normal sized curtains and blinds do not cover large windows justly. Before you refrain from signing on a new home with large beautiful windows, take a moment to learn more about custom blinds and curtains online at Quickfit - a local window treatment sourcer, designer, and distributor in Australia.

Custom Blinds and Curtains Cover Wide Windows

The curtains and blinds you can buy ready-made from the store may not be wide enough to fully cover large windows. Without fretting, we invite you to browse our fabrics that can be made into curtains and blinds that will fit large windows. Not only will these fabrics cover a wide window, they will fit it perfectly because they are custom-made just for your windows!

When normal curtains are not wide enough, create custom curtains and blinds.

Custom Curtains

At Quickfit, shoppers can select from a variety of fabrics to begin the custom process. There are fabrics of nearly every colour, some of which have detailed embroidery or texture to provide a more elegant look. While custom-made curtains online are more expensive than purchasing traditional panels, you can trust that they will last for a long time. Quality production is a main priority at Quickfit because we want you to be fully satisfied with the look and function of your curtain panels.

Custom curtains are tailored to the measurements submitted by you. In centimeters, submit your measurements for length and width. Choose the curtain header style (eyelet, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, reverse tab), curtain opening, and a few more fine-tuning decisions to create your perfect custom curtain online. From payment, you can expect your custom curtains to be on your doorstep within 10 business days! Keep in mind it may take an extra day or two if you live in a rural area. We are shipping from Victoria.

Custom Blinds

At Quickfit, all custom blinds are roller blinds. Roller blinds are made of a flexible fabric that can be easily measured and cut for your desired length; the custom aspect comes into play with the width of the window. The fabric comes in one panel that is controlled by a pull chain on the side, raising and lowering the fabric as a whole unit to the desired height. Since it is one fabric, you will definitely want to measure carefully to ensure the width is fully covered. Roller blinds offer a clean and simple look, and they function easier than most other types of blinds. They are easy to maintain. Like custom curtains, you will choose the fabric you desire (SunScreen or traditional) and the neutral colour that makes you happiest. The rest is easily explained through the purchase!

You see, the trick to covering windows that are too wide for traditional curtains and blinds begins with creating your very own custom blinds and curtains online at Quickfit.

Start creating custom curtains online.

Start creating custom blinds online.

Emily Wang

Emily Wang

Emily Wang, a highly qualified expert on curtains, has been a valuable contributor to the Quickfit Blinds & Curtains brand. With a Certificate IV in Textile Design Development and Production from RMIT Melbourne, a Certificate in Textile Technology (CFTS-T) from CITA Hong Kong, and an HKDSE Diploma of Secondary Education from St. Mary's Canossian College in Hong Kong, Emily's educational background sets her apart in the world of home decor.

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