Who Sells Custom-Made Curtains Online?

19th Dec 2016

Do you dream of hanging the perfect curtains in your home? Sometimes this vision cannot be accomplished by purchasing ready-made curtains because they can fall short, hang too long, or not be the exact right look you desire. The way to achieve this dream is to buy custom-made curtains online at Quickfit Blinds And Curtains.

At Quickfit, Custom-Made Curtains are ready in Five Days!

Made-to-measure curtains are a simple way for you to pick and choose unique features of your window treatments. Instead of browsing through the curtain panels that are already made and ready to ship, you can browse through different types of curtain fabric to start the custom, made-to-measure curtain process.

A Few Things to Know before Ordering Custom-Made Curtains

Custom curtains are uniquely yours, but we give you some guidelines to make the process faster and more affordable. By following these steps, you will have the curtains of your dreams made within five days of processing the order. Then, with Quickfit’s affordable shipping rates from our office in Victoria, you can expect to receive the curtains on your doorstep five days later. Custom-made curtains in just 10 days from processing your order is like a dream come true! And we are happy to help you on your way.

Start by Choosing a Fabric

The first step to creating the extra full, extra long, extra short, or other unique type of curtain panel is choosing the fabric. Consider the colour, texture, and style of panel. The fabrics start at $95. There are choices in nearly every colour, textures that are soft and plain or like linen or wood. There are blockout fabrics that prevent light from entering through the window when the panel is drawn, and there are sheer fabrics that allow light to filter in at all times. The choice is yours!

Next, Choose the Header Style

Quickfit makes custom-made curtains with a variety of header styles, meaning how the curtains hang on the rod or track. Choose between eyelet, concealed tab, pinch pleat, or pencil pleat headers. Learn more about each header style.

Then, Input the Measurements

Measuring correctly for custom-curtains is essential. Enter, in centimeters, the curtain height and total width (including any overlap desired). Check out the Guide to Measuring For Custom Curtains to learn a few of our tips and tricks.

Finalize The Accessories

With custom, made-to-measure curtains at Quickfit, shoppers have the opportunity to select the opening and tie backs. One curtain opening means the fabric is one larger panel, opening at the side of the window frame. Two curtain openings means the fabric is two smaller panels, opening in the middle of the frame. If you would like tie backs, you have the opportunity to choose one or two tie backs, depending on the style of opening selected. With one curtain opening, you can use one tie back; likewise, with two curtain openings, you can use two tie backs.

Verify Shipping Location and Costs

At this point you are almost done ordering custom curtains online! Verify where you are located, and shipping costs and delivery time will be calculated. It is based on $9.95 per window frame ordered, and you can expect the curtains be delivered within 10 days of ordering, unless you live in a very rural part of the country.