Why Line Curtains?

16th Mar 2017

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Lined curtains, also known as thermal curtains, are curtains created with additional layers of fabric. These layers add a plethora of additional qualities to a traditional curtain panel, which helps different customers check off various features they may find necessary or beneficial.

Traditional curtain panels are created with one layer of fabric that is meant to be decorative and to provide a layer of privacy. Some traditional curtain panels are made with very thin fabric, known as sheer curtains, and other curtains are made with thicker fabric.

Lined curtains, on the other hand, are created with three layers of material. Lined curtains are somewhat like a curtain sandwich. The first layer of the curtain is a traditional panel of fabric, which can be made in any colour and style of your liking. The last layer of the curtain is just like the first. Sandwiched in between these two layers is a thicker material, known as the lining, that is completely sealed inside the exterior fabrics. This is also called a triple-weave curtain because of the three layers of fabric stitched together into one thick panel.

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Lined Curtains Provide A Home Many Benefits

Block Light

One of the most popular features of the lined curtain panel is its ability to block nearly all of the outside light from entering the room. The very thick fabric is impenetrable by light, making it a great selection for bedrooms, nurseries, or home theatres. Essentially, any room in which darkness is a priority can benefit from lined curtains.

Reduce Noise

Like an added layer of insulation, a lined curtain helps reduce the amount of noise that enters the home from outside. Beware that this has no effect on the noise that happens inside the house! However, many customers have made note of the peace and quiet that follows closing the curtains on a busy street. These won’t block the noise by any means, but it reduces it to a white noise level which can be easily ignored.

Improve Energy Savings

The temperature of a home is constantly fluctuating, which is why homeowners often hear the HVAC unit kick on and off throughout the day. One of the main culprits for heat or air escaping the home is the windows are poorly insulated. Cracks between the window and the frame or legitimate holes that lead outside are all highways for the air to escape. To help block some of this air from going directly outside, lined curtain panels act as a strong barrier and help keep the temperature inside the home regulated. On the plus side, this can help increase savings on energy bills because the HVAC unit won’t have to expend as much energy to heat the home when more of the air stays contained. While lined curtains may be more of an expensive purchase when compared to traditional curtain panels, they have a positive return on investment when hung and used correctly.

Above all else, lined curtains make your home look stylish and comfortable. Treat yourself to a higher-quality curtain panel when you shop for lined curtains online at Quickfit Blinds & Curtains. We offer a $9.95 flat rate delivery cost for all ready-made items, including our entire lined curtains collection.