Cleaning Curtains Regularly Promotes A Longer Product Life

30th Sep 2016

It is important to keep up with general and professional care of curtains and blinds in the home. Not only does it help keep your home clean and healthy, it helps maintain the life of the product. Curtains that are well-maintained can last through many generations. Curtains that are neglected will probably last just a few years. Which do you prefer? If you’re like us, you prefer to take care of your curtains so they can be passed down through the family. If you need to start fresh, you can buy curtains online with Quickfit. Then, follow these care steps to make sure the new curtains last for years.

If you wait too long to clean the curtains, they can fall apart when they are finally cleaned. Fine fabrics, such as those used to make Quickfit’s curtains, should be cleaned carefully and regularly. In general, it is best to do a quick cleanse every other month or so, and do a thorough, professional clean at least once every two years.

General cleaning means taking a vacuum to the curtain. Make sure there are no dust bunnies building homes in the pleats by using the hose extension on the vacuum and running the vacuum over the surface of the curtain.

Professionally, experts can clean curtain panels quickly and efficiently. While curtains may not show significant dirt, grime, or damage within two years, it is important to get them cleaned anyway. Take the curtain panels to a local dry cleaner, or hire a service to do a home visit.

Sometimes you may keep up with cleaning regularly but still want new curtains. We can help with that, too! Shop our collection of curtains online to find the right ones for your home.