How’s Your Winter Going? Do You Crave More Sunlight?

27th Jul 2016

Temperatures in Melbourne are staying relatively moderate thus far this winter, so that’s pleasant. The daylight is continuing to creep back to its normal length, but the average nine hours of light per day is nothing compared to the beautiful and bright 14 hours we get during the summer. Sunlight plays an interesting role in our lives. In order to optimize the sunlight and temperatures for your home, we recommend using both blockout and sheer curtains on your windows. You can buy both types of curtains online with Quickfit.

How Do Sheer Curtains Help During The Winter?

Sheer curtains are light and decorative. They are aptly named because they look just like the name. The fabric is thin, so light can easily pass through the curtains. During the bright hours of the day, keep sheer curtains in front of the window so the home can still receive natural light. Sure, you could just open the blockout curtains, but then you would have no privacy.

How Do Blockout Curtains Help During The Winter?

Blockout curtains are also beneficial for the home during winter because they can help with insulation. Blockout curtains are made with three layers of fabric so that light can’t pass through them. That also means it takes more effort for heat to escape through the curtain, making it a perfect curtain for preserving the heat inside the home.

With Quickfit’s affordable prices on curtains online, you will find it quite simple to design, hang, and use more than one type of curtain in your home.