Save Money When You Buy Blockout Curtains Online In Bulk

9th Jan 2016

Blockout curtains are a universal curtain that looks great in any room of your home. You can get your entire house covered with 8 linen look curtain panels for just $189 or less. That’s a deal! Plus, Quickfit just received blockout eyelet curtains online, which makes hanging and sliding these curtains that much easier.

8 panels of blockout curtains means you can easily style and cover four different windows. If you were to purchase each panel separately, you’d likely pay an additional $25 on average by the time you covered the windows in four rooms. So if you’re a simple person that appreciates saving money when purchasing curtains online, we recommend you buy in bulk. This ensures that you’re saving money and keeping a consistent theme throughout your entire home.

Right now, Quickfit is offering a great deal on bulk blockout curtains, which are one step above traditional decor curtains for a few reasons.

Blockout curtains keep out 99 percent of light. This is great for a bedroom to help improve sleep, a family room to prevent flooring from fading, basements to create an awesome home theatre, and a living room to keep nosey neighbours in their own business.

Blockout curtains conserve energy because they help keep the sunlight out during the hot summer months and keep the cold air from entering the home in the dreary winter. The temperature control allows your home to consume less energy, thus saving you even more money.

Most of our bulk blockout curtains are 120cm wide x 221cm drop/long, which fits most Australian home windows. Moreover, if you make an online purchase for curtains in stock, they’ll ship within 24 hours meaning you can improve your home in a matter of days. Don’t forget the curtain rod! Eyelet curtains mean you don’t need curtain hooks - how convenient!

Click here to purchase your bulk blockout curtains online at Quickfit today!