What Are Ripple Fold Curtains?

Posted by Quickfit Blinds & Curtains on 2nd Mar 2021

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When used effectively, your choice in drapery can bring entirely new stylistic dimensions to a space, adding texture and colour in a way that few other decor decisions can. This is especially true for ripple fold curtains, which have become a hugely popular addition to the stylistic repertoires of architects, designers and home stylists the world over. Whether framing your window or shutting out the lights and looks of the outside world, ripple fold curtains, also referred to as wave fold curtains are the perfect decor choice for anyone that’s trying to add a little extra finesse to any space.

With that said, while we can sit here and throw around flowery descriptions all day, that won’t help us answer the question of what ripple fold curtains actually are. So, let’s take a look at what ripple fold-style drapery has to offer.

What Makes Curtains “Ripple Fold”?

The simple answer to what gives ripple fold curtains their name is that they have an S-shaped curve that is consistent across the entire track span. This design, which is achieved by cording together carriers, looks like a consistent wave and provides a neat, textured look to any window. Traditionally, ripple fold curtains were most common in restaurants, cafes and even hospitals. However, the trend of ripple fold curtains in homes and residential spaces is on the rise, and with their timeless chic design and luxury fabric options, it’s easy to see why.

Why Do Designers Use Ripple Fold Curtains?

As we touched on, ripple fold curtains are quite often seen in the context of hospitality, such as restaurants, hotels, etc. This is because they are a simple, instantly stylish way to add a touch of gentle luxury, sophistication, or class to any space. Ripple fold curtains hold their form and are very easy to maintain which makes them excellent value for money and a great choice for high traffic areas in the home. What’s more, their unique ripple design can also help add some depth to areas of the room that would otherwise feel cramped, unlike traditional curtains.

What Goes Into Having Ripple Fold Curtains at Home?

When it comes to hardware and accessories, there are a few things that you’ll need to set up if you’re deciding to add ripple fold curtains to your decor. This includes wall brackets and tracks, but may also require carriers and end caps depending on the specifics of your setup. Keep in mind that when using ripple fold or wave fold curtains, you’ll need them to be hung on a specific S-track. At Quickfit Blinds & Curtains, we offer a simpler Wave Fold header that will allow you to hang on any pole or track utilising rings that offer a near-identical modern slimline style.

What Styles Can I Get Ripple Fold Curtains In?

Luckily, for those of you that have a specific design or style in mind when it comes to your ripple fold curtains, we offer the style across our full range of custom fabric options. All you need to do is measure the width and height of your track or pole to wherever you want the curtain to stop and our specialists will handle the rest. Plus, with affordable 10-day shipping, you’ll have your custom, high-quality curtains before you can say Quickfit!

For those that are looking for that extra privacy, our ripple fold range also comes with blockout fabric options. So, you can have all the benefits of blockout curtains, without having to compromise on your preferred style.

Why Work With Quickfit Blinds & Curtains?

At Quickfit Blinds & Curtains, we have done everything we can to provide a personalised, simple approach to quality custom curtains. So, whether you’re in need of ripple fold curtains, blinds, or drapery of any style, we are sure to be able to help. To learn more, explore our curtain range, or read on with our blog for more curtain & blind styling tips!