What are Blockout and Thermal Curtains

What is the difference between BLOCKOUT and THERMAL coated Curtains?

Both Thermal and 100% Blockout Curtains have a white acrylic coating on the reverse of the fabric. It is this coating that gives the curtain the "blockout" or "thermal" properties.

100% BLOCKOUT Curtains have three coatings on the reverse, commonly known as triple weave curtains. Two which are white and the middle coating is black. It is the middle black coating that makes the curtain room darkening, also known as SUNOUT because it turns day into night.

Both keep the sun out during summer and the warmth in during winter and are energy saving and environmentally friendly. This is one of our favorite energy saving tips for our customers. The 100% BLOCKOUT also darkens the room and provides some sound insulation. The thermal properties are better with the 100% blockout curtains.

You can shop for blockout and thermal curtains online here:

Blockout eyelet curtains

Pinch pleat blockout curtains

Pencil pleat blockout curtains

  • A 3 pass Coated 100% Blockout fabric has a thermal coating applied to the reverse of the fabric. This coating is applied in 3 layers. The first layer is white, the middle layer is black or silver and the outside or last layer is white. It is these 3 layers and in particular the central black or silver layer that provides the light blocking properties of a 100% blockout curtain A 1 pass thermal coated blockout fabric has 1 white layer of thermal coating applied to the reverse of the fabric. A 3 Pass full 100% Blockout fabric has 3 layers. The first and 3rd layers are white and the middle layer is black or silver colour. It is the middle layer that makes this type of fabric a light blocking as well as thermal curtain. 3 pass coated fabrics are a superior blockout to the 1 pass thermal. They provide better light and thermal properties than a 1 pass coated blockout curtain fabric